Commit f0e6bd0c authored by yb9976's avatar yb9976
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Removed unused variable.

The get_n in the foreach loop is a macro and not a use of the function.
parent 6fa5e95f
......@@ -519,9 +519,7 @@ static void build_edges_walker(ir_node *irn, void *data)
int i, n;
ir_edge_kind_t kind = w->kind;
ir_graph *irg = get_irn_irg(irn);
get_edge_src_n_func_t *get_n;
get_n = edge_kind_info[kind].get_n;
foreach_tgt(irn, i, n, kind) {
ir_node *pred = get_n(irn, i, kind);
edges_notify_edge_kind(irn, i, pred, NULL, kind, irg);
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