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......@@ -121,6 +121,15 @@ void be_abi_call_set_flags(be_abi_call_t *call, be_abi_call_flags_t flags, const
void be_abi_call_set_call_address_reg_class(be_abi_call_t *call, const arch_register_class_t *cls);
* Describe the stack layout for a call parameter. Modifies the abi object.
* @param call the abi call object
* @param pos the parameter position
* @param alignment stack alignment for the parameter on the current architecture
* @param space_before size of allocated additional space before the parameter
* @param space_after size of allocated additional space after the parameter
void be_abi_call_param_stack(be_abi_call_t *call, int pos, unsigned alignment, unsigned space_before, unsigned space_after);
void be_abi_call_param_reg(be_abi_call_t *call, int pos, const arch_register_t *reg);
void be_abi_call_res_reg(be_abi_call_t *call, int pos, const arch_register_t *reg);
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