Commit f549051e authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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forgot to comitt 2 files

parent 5010492f
......@@ -262,6 +262,13 @@ tarval *get_mode_one(ir_mode *mode);
tarval *get_mode_minus_one(ir_mode *mode);
* Returns the value where all bits are One, represented in this mode.
* All One is defined only for modes integer, reference and boolean modes
tarval *get_mode_all_one(ir_mode *mode);
* Returns the positive infinite value of a mode.
......@@ -294,6 +294,10 @@ tarval *get_tarval_one(ir_mode *mode);
* Returns tarval bad for unsigned modes */
tarval *get_tarval_minus_one(ir_mode *mode);
/** returns the value where all bits are 1 of a given mode.
* returns tarval_bad for float modes */
tarval *get_tarval_all_one(ir_mode *mode);
/** Return quite nan for float_number modes. */
tarval *get_tarval_nan(ir_mode *mode);
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