Commit f6fc60f3 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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sparc: Remove the unnecessary handling of 'restore' in the peephole phase.

The epilogue is added late, in particular after scheduling.
Therefore it is not necessary to move a mis-scheduled 'restore' directly before a 'return' anymore.
parent 24b25302
......@@ -561,18 +561,6 @@ static void peephole_sparc_RestoreZero(ir_node *node)
static void finish_sparc_Return(ir_node *node)
/* Ensure that the restore is directly before the return. */
sched_foreach_reverse_before(node, restore) {
if (is_sparc_Restore(restore) || is_sparc_RestoreZero(restore)) {
sched_add_before(node, restore);
* Check whether the flags of the node are used.
......@@ -709,7 +697,6 @@ void sparc_finish_graph(ir_graph *irg)
register_peephole_optimization(op_sparc_FrameAddr, finish_sparc_FrameAddr);
register_peephole_optimization(op_sparc_Ld, finish_sparc_Ld);
register_peephole_optimization(op_sparc_Ldf, finish_sparc_Ldf);
register_peephole_optimization(op_sparc_Return, finish_sparc_Return);
register_peephole_optimization(op_sparc_Save, finish_sparc_Save);
register_peephole_optimization(op_sparc_St, finish_sparc_St);
register_peephole_optimization(op_sparc_Stf, finish_sparc_Stf);
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