Commit f871e91e authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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LC_OPT_ENT_BOOL needs an int

parent 6187ee24
......@@ -96,9 +96,9 @@ static unsigned instr_nr; /**< current instruction number
static spill_env_t *senv; /**< see bespill.h */
static ir_node **blocklist;
static bool move_spills = true;
static bool respectloopdepth = true;
static bool improve_known_preds = true;
static int move_spills = true;
static int respectloopdepth = true;
static int improve_known_preds = true;
/* factor to weight the different costs of reloading/rematerializing a node
(see bespill.h be_get_reload_costs_no_weight) */
static int remat_bonus = 10;
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