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* 20.6.2001 Goetz
tarval_shr neither implements sign extended nor zero extended
shift: it is dependent on the system implementation of >>.
* 7.6.2001 Goetz
gmp.h/libgmp.a differ from RedHat 6.x to 7.x.
Therefore compile libfirm with the gmp.h belonging to the library
later used for linking.
......@@ -448,7 +448,37 @@ set_Block_graph_arr (ir_node *node, int pos, ir_node *value) {
assert (node->op == op_Block);
node->attr.block.graph_arr[pos+1] = value;
> Implementing the case construct (which is where the constant Proj node is
> important) involves far more than simply determining the constant values.
> We could argue that this is more properly a function of the translator from
> Firm to the target machine. That could be done if there was some way of
> projecting "default" out of the Cond node.
I know it's complicated.
Basically there are two proglems:
- determining the gaps between the projs
- determining the biggest case constant to konw the proj number for
the default node.
I see several solutions:
1. Introduce a ProjDefault node. Solves both problems.
This means to extend all optimizations executed during construction.
2. Give the Cond node for switch two flavors:
a) there are no gaps in the projs (existing flavor)
b) gaps may exist, default proj is still the Proj with the largest
projection number. This covers also the gaps.
3. Fix the semantic of the Cond to that of 2b)
Solution 2 seems to be the best:
Computing the gaps in the Firm representation is not too hard, i.e.,
libfirm can implement a routine that transforms betweeen the two
flavours. This is also possible for 1) but 2) does not require to
change any existing optimization.
Further it should be far simpler to determine the biggest constant than
to compute all gaps.
I don't want to choose 3) as 2a) seems to have advantages for
dataflow analysis and 3) does not allow to convert the representation to
inline ir_node *
get_Cond_selector (ir_node *node) {
assert (node->op == op_Cond);
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