Commit fb45ad91 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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ident: Remove the unused function id_mangle_3().

parent 093605f5
...@@ -47,15 +47,6 @@ ident *id_mangle3(const char *prefix, ident *scnd, const char *suffix) ...@@ -47,15 +47,6 @@ ident *id_mangle3(const char *prefix, ident *scnd, const char *suffix)
return new_ident_from_obst(&mangle_obst); return new_ident_from_obst(&mangle_obst);
} }
/** Returns a new ident that represents first<c>scnd. */
static ident *id_mangle_3(ident *first, char c, ident *scnd)
obstack_grow_ident(&mangle_obst, first);
obstack_1grow(&mangle_obst, c);
obstack_grow_ident(&mangle_obst, scnd);
return new_ident_from_obst(&mangle_obst);
void firm_init_mangle(void) void firm_init_mangle(void)
{ {
obstack_init(&mangle_obst); obstack_init(&mangle_obst);
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