Commit fca4a757 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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remove some unnecessary #defines

parent a4dd0bb9
......@@ -248,26 +248,22 @@ struct arch_register_t {
const arch_register_req_t *single_req;
static inline const arch_register_class_t *_arch_register_get_class(
static inline const arch_register_class_t *arch_register_get_class(
const arch_register_t *reg)
return reg->reg_class;
static inline unsigned _arch_register_get_index(const arch_register_t *reg)
static inline unsigned arch_register_get_index(const arch_register_t *reg)
return reg->index;
static inline const char *_arch_register_get_name(const arch_register_t *reg)
static inline const char *arch_register_get_name(const arch_register_t *reg)
return reg->name;
#define arch_register_get_class(reg) _arch_register_get_class(reg)
#define arch_register_get_index(reg) _arch_register_get_index(reg)
#define arch_register_get_name(reg) _arch_register_get_name(reg)
* Convenience macro to check for register type.
* @param req A pointer to register.
......@@ -307,15 +303,13 @@ struct arch_register_class_t {
/** return the register class flags */
#define arch_register_class_flags(cls) ((cls)->flags)
static inline const arch_register_t *_arch_register_for_index(
static inline const arch_register_t *arch_register_for_index(
const arch_register_class_t *cls, unsigned idx)
assert(idx < cls->n_regs);
return &cls->regs[idx];
#define arch_register_for_index(cls, idx) _arch_register_for_index(cls, idx)
* Convenience macro to check for set constraints.
* @param req A pointer to register requirements.
......@@ -464,8 +464,6 @@ static void initialize_birg(be_irg_t *birg, ir_graph *irg, be_main_env_t *env)
dump(DUMP_INITIAL, irg, "prepared");
#define BE_TIMER_ONLY(code) do { if (be_timing) { code; } } while (0)
int be_timing;
static const char *get_timer_name(be_timer_id_t id)
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