Commit fd16753f authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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ia32: Do not pre-transform noregs, get_eip and fpu_trunc_mode.

There is plain no need to.
parent cb685ad7
......@@ -5913,13 +5913,6 @@ static void ia32_create_stacklayout(ir_graph *irg, const x86_cconv_t *cconv)
static void ia32_pretransform_node(ir_graph *irg)
ia32_irg_data_t *irg_data = ia32_get_irg_data(irg);
irg_data->noreg_gp = be_pre_transform_node(irg_data->noreg_gp);
irg_data->noreg_fp = be_pre_transform_node(irg_data->noreg_fp);
irg_data->noreg_xmm = be_pre_transform_node(irg_data->noreg_xmm);
irg_data->get_eip = be_pre_transform_node(irg_data->get_eip);
irg_data->fpu_trunc_mode = be_pre_transform_node(irg_data->fpu_trunc_mode);
nomem = get_irg_no_mem(irg);
noreg_GP = ia32_new_NoReg_gp(irg);
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