Commit fd61324a authored by Christian Würdig's avatar Christian Würdig
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moved typedefs to bearch_t.h

added before_abi hook
parent a8648d35
......@@ -24,19 +24,9 @@
#include "belistsched.h"
#include "beabi_t.h"
#include "bearch_t.h"
#include "be_t.h"
typedef struct _arch_register_class_t arch_register_class_t;
typedef struct _arch_register_t arch_register_t;
typedef struct _arch_isa_if_t arch_isa_if_t;
typedef struct _arch_isa_t arch_isa_t;
typedef struct _arch_env_t arch_env_t;
typedef struct _arch_irn_ops_if_t arch_irn_ops_if_t;
typedef struct _arch_irn_ops_t arch_irn_ops_t;
typedef struct _arch_irn_handler_t arch_irn_handler_t;
typedef struct _arch_code_generator_t arch_code_generator_t;
typedef struct _arch_code_generator_if_t arch_code_generator_if_t;
struct _be_node_factory_t;
typedef enum _arch_register_type_t {
......@@ -441,6 +431,11 @@ struct _arch_code_generator_if_t {
void *(*init)(FILE *file, const be_irg_t *birg);
* Called before abi introduce.
void (*before_abi)(void *self);
* Called, when the graph is being normalized.
......@@ -475,6 +470,7 @@ do { \
(cg)->impl->func(cg); \
} while(0)
#define arch_code_generator_before_abi(cg) _arch_cg_call(cg, before_abi)
#define arch_code_generator_prepare_graph(cg) _arch_cg_call(cg, prepare_graph)
#define arch_code_generator_before_sched(cg) _arch_cg_call(cg, before_sched)
#define arch_code_generator_before_ra(cg) _arch_cg_call(cg, before_ra)
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