1. 10 Feb, 2010 4 commits
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      Add basic optimizations based on vrp info · 2de19654
      Jonas Fietz authored
      This adds some basic optimizations, e.g. to calculate the value for some
      nodes if it can be determined.
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      Add analysis for vrp information · 235611b2
      Jonas Fietz authored
      This commit adds the basic analysis needed to derive vrp information. It
      should not run infinetely, but there may be border cases.
      There might be error conditions for which there are no checks yet.
      Also, a lot of the derivations can still be improved.
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      Add dumper code for VRP information · fa6780d8
      Jonas Fietz authored
      This commit adds the code and prototypes for dumping vrp information
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      Add structures and initialization for VRP · 671350c7
      Jonas Fietz authored
      This commit adds the neccessary attributes to each ir_node. It also adds
      the initialization code and some prototypes for the graph_pass and some
      support functions.
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