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    • Andreas Zwinkau's avatar
      cleanup · 2ae3e919
      Andreas Zwinkau authored
      Removes obsolete debug output and confusing comments
    • Matthias Braun's avatar
      big refactoring of arch_XXX functions · 41dc42af
      Matthias Braun authored
      This tries to get the names in a consistent format. We basically have 2
      views on register allocation/constraints now:
      1) Register Requirements and Assigments are per-instruction. Each
         instruction has requirements on its inputs and outputs, register get
         assigned for outputs of an instruction (assignment is an attribute of
         an instruction, not of the Proj-nodes).
         The internal datastructures model this form!
         The functions here have the form:
           arch_get_irn_register_req_in(node, input_nr)
           arch_get_irn_register_in(node, input_nr)
           arch_get_irn_register_req_out(node, output_nr)
           arch_set_irn_register_out(node, output_nr, register)
      2) Register Requirements and Assignments are on firm-values. This view
         allows to query/assign requirements and registers at the Proj nodes
         instead of the repsective predecessors.
         This is a convenience interface modeled on top of the other!
         The functions have the form:
           arch_set_irn_register(node, register)