1. 08 Aug, 2008 2 commits
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      Some things not stated (or not clear) in Clicks Diss: · b9d22b30
      Michael Beck authored
       - when splitting partitions, n-input Identities might lose
         its follower state -> place them on cprop
       - the race split might choose the split out the part NOT containing the
         split list g. This destroys split_by(), so we have to exchange X and X' if
         this happens
       - in cause_split() we have to removed all followers from the touched list:
         split() doesn't work with them AND we must check the number of elements an split
         with the number of leaders (last part is clearly stated in the Diss)
       - a node can only be a follower if the leader is in the same partition!
       - !constant for leader -> follower transition is misleading: must be neither
         Top nor const (no followers in Top and const partitions)
      Other changes:
       - we don't have to put on the end of the unwalked set in step(), just NOT
         at the start
       - combined add_to_touched() and add_to_partition_touched()
       - we handle n-input identities in segregate_def_use_chain(), no need for
         extra handling in segregate_def_use_chain_1()
       - BugFix: ensure, that a node after follower -> leader transition is only
         placed on fallen once
       - BugFix: errouniously deleted add_to_worklist(Y) if old type was T or Const
       - clean keep-alives
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      - more -f combo tests · 212455a1
      Michael Beck authored
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