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WIP: P_N solver implementation

steffen.schotthoefer requested to merge entropy_closure into master

This merge request contains all work done with respect to the implementation of

  • P_N Solver
  • P_N Unit Tests
  • Adapted Fluxes
  • Code Restructuring: Indroduced new folders, tidied up #include statements

How to use P_N Solver:

  • Select as option SOLVER=PN_SOLVER
  • Option QUADRATURE_ORDER is currently the order N of the PN equations ==> Will be tidied up
  • One can tune the flux matrices with the Option CLEAN_FLUX_MATRICES = YES. This will set very low floating point values to zero in the (sparse) FLux matrices. This should improve floating point arithmetic stability.

Corresponding issues: #42 (closed), #30 (closed), #41 (closed), #39 (closed) , #38 (closed)

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