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Mn solver

steffen.schotthoefer requested to merge MN_solver into master

This MR concludes all work regarding the implementation of the MN_SOLVER.

  • Choose max degree via MAX_MOMENT_SOLVER = 2
  • Choose entropy functional

Issues that will be resolved in this ticket:

  • Functioning MN_Solver for Linesource test case (#8 (closed))
  • Corresponding unit and validation tests (#52 (closed))
  • Needed options: Entropy choice and otpimizer choice (#53 (closed))
  • Write a standard newton type optimizer (#55 (closed) )

Options for the Newton Optimizer:

  • NEWTON_FAST_MODE = NO (Skips the optimizer for qudratic entropy)
  • NEWTON_ITER = 100 (Max Optimizer iterations)
  • NEWTON_EPSILON = 0.01 (Convergence epsilon)
  • NEWTON_STEP_SIZE = 0.5 ( newton step size)
  • NEWTON_LINE_SEARCH_ITER = 100 (Line Search max iter)

Code restructuring

  • Restructure inheritance of SN, PN and MN Solver. (#54)
  • Clean up of header files for hopefully faster compilation.
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